Looking for Outsource Accounting Services?
Who is Jia Li Yuan?

  • Reward your company with an accountant that cares.
  • Empower your company with an accountant that knows.
  • Serve your company with an accountant that is professional.

With over decades of extensive knowledge, experience, in the financial sector, Jia Li Yuan is empowered with professionals known to be leading experts and specialists that not only helps companies and individuals compute, but achieve their success and growth aspirations as a company.

Jia Li Yuan provides companies with the sound advice they need, wherever they may be located. Their highly qualified, experienced professionals listen to different points of view to help companies solve their business issues and identify and maximise the opportunities they seek.


Jia Li Yuan gives financial consultations, strategic planning, cash flow and tax planning.

Clients get complimentary (1 hour) consultations to improves your financial knowledge. It is as simple as ABC



  1. Passion –Remain focused and gives the best.
  2. Focus  on customer needs
  3. Proactive – We make things happens and people feels our existence.
  4. Professional – Remain integrity and keeping up to date.


  1. To love giving as it is a way to repayment the world, to impact people life – Corporate Social Responsibility. Jia Li Yuan and partners traveling the world to do projects for the children
  2. To support each other to adapt the changing world.


  1. To love, To live and To enjoy every moment in the world.
  2. Children are the future and to create a better world for them.